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With the summer weather approaching (2021), many people are turning on the BBQ again. But not everyone is aware of the adverse effects on air quality and health. That is why the municipality is starting the summer campaign this week ‘What are you heating up?!’. In humorous films, comedian Richard Groenendijk gives tips about neighbor-friendly firing to prevent smoke nuisance.

Alderman Arno Bonte (Sustainability): “Barbecuing can be very pleasant, but it can also unintentionally cause nuisance. We draw attention to that in this campaign. We give tips on how to limit smoke development as much as possible. And on windless days, we recommend leaving the barbecue or fire pit completely out.”

In various films, comedian Richard Groenendijk shows with a good dose of humor what nuisance BBQ smoke can cause. In many cases, nuisance can be prevented well with practical tips. For example, the tip to first check the heating indicator before lighting the BBQ. In unfavorable weather, the smoke lingers and causes nuisance for the neighbours. Or the tip to use an electric starter, brown cubes, or a bag of coconut briquettes.

We see the comedian in “Pakkie” in Rotterdam, especially for the moments when it is better not to burn outside. A green oversized hoodie that keeps the Rotterdammer warm on cool summer evenings. The “Pakkie” is made of recycled material and is produced by people with a distance to the labor market.

Koala Koncepts
Director: Rien Bexkens
Producer: Jeffrey de Roode
D.O.P.: Nanko Goeting
Gaffer: Ray van der Bas
Sound: Daan Arens
Mua/Hair: Irene van der Hart
Art Direction: Saskia Piqué
Fashion Styling: Saskia Piqué

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